Pangeran Waterfall (Bogor, West Java, Indonesia)

When you feel sadness or bored about your daily activity. what will you do? are you just sleeping on your bad? or are you watching TV for long day? it is not creative dude! Just look around, you traped in your boredly life. think carefully. you must try something different. Do you want visit new place? unique place? or amazing place? I wil give you an advise for your destination. Actually this place is recomended for you vocation.
first you’re must thinking carefully, you make sure your plan for this trip. You should prepare you stuff before, like a rain coat, addtional clothes, shortpant, and of course don’t forget to bring your camera and meal also.
Bogor is the most holiday city in West Java Indonesia, you are able to find many interseting places in there. There are mountain, forest, garden, shoping place, culinary and others. if you are a “nature lover” you must try this place, it is a waterfall especially Great beautiful waterfall. The name is “Curug Pangeran”, the mean of Curug in english is waterfall. Pangeran in english is prince, Why? because this waterfall so silent and of course this waterfall like a private place, you are going to feel like a prince.
The water is so blue and so clear, you can see the deep of waterfall. water is cold. Please try to swim in there, you must try! In upper of waterfall you can jump and feel the sensation. don’t forget to take a picture and have fun. This water is nice for your soul and give you a fresh mind.
This place is located in around Halimun Salak National Park. and don’t throw your garbage  promiscuosly. Please throw your garbage in right place like in garbage bucket or your rucksack. Becareful for your step and prepare for meeting a rainy or drizzling. Have Fun ^^v
Galery :
blue water
soft line
Fres Water
Happy Holiday…. ^.^v
Visit West Java Indonesia.
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