Sweet Spicy Grilled Chicken Cooking Recipe Delicious And Nutritious!

ExtraNews – When it comes to chicken dishes, it’s endless. Because chicken has become one of the recipes that are very suitable on the tongue of Indonesians.

As we know ya ya, chicken meat can be processed into a variety of delicious and delicious dishes.

A wide variety of chicken dishes are usually served to accompany the new year’s eve, one of the most popoluer is the recipe of sweet spicy grilled chicken.

Yes, for those who like spicy taste, the combination of savory grilled chicken with spicy grilled chicken seasoning and the sweet taste of natural soy sauce is really appetizing.

Although the taste is already spicy, this spicy sweet grilled chicken recipe is also perfect to be enjoyed with each special grilled chicken sambal or just a simple soy sauce sauce.

Well, for a new year’s eve event or just get together with friends on a Sunday night, can make this grilled chicken so that your fun is increased with friends and friends.

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Penasar with spicy sweet grilled chicken recipe, see the explanation below yaa..

Sweet Spicy Grilled Chicken Cooking Recipe Delicious And Nutritious!

Material Materials:

  • The main ingredient is one chicken that is still fresh, cut to taste (it should be kampong chicken so that it tastes more delicious)
  • 3 bay leaves (wash thoroughly)
  • 2 tablespoons tamarind water
  • Sweet or ordinary kecam also use sweet spicy soy sauce
  • 0.3 Lt clean water

Sweet Spicy Grilled Chicken Seasoning Ingredients:

  • 8 – 10 pcs curly chili (can be added or reduced to taste)
  • 7-9 curly red chilies (can be added or reduced to taste)
  • 4 pcs large medium size garlic (Peel the skin)
  • 5 pcs large medium size shallots (Peel the skin)
  • 1 segment of galangal finger
  • 1 large medium-sized turmeric finger segment
  • Coriander to taste
  • 1 large medium-sized ginger finger segment
  • Iodized kitchen salt to taste
  • White granulated sugar to taste
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How to Make Sweet Spicy Grilled Chicken:

  1.  First cut the chicken to be used as much as 4 -6 pieces after that wash thoroughly with running water until completely clean.
  2.  Puree a variety of seasoning ingredients above, such as hazelnut, ginger, turmeric, chili, galangal and others until completely smooth. It is recommended to knead manually so that the aroma and taste will come out later, but it can also be in the blender
  3.  Take a large enough container and put the chicken meat then grease with grilled chicken seasoning that has been smoothed over until evenly distributed and all parts of the chicken meat covered with seasoning.
  4.  Let the chicken stand for about 30 minutes – 40 minutes so that the seasoning is pervasive.
  5.  While keeping the chicken still, prepare the pan over medium heat and put in clean water, bay leaves, galangal and acidic water. Cook until the chicken meat is tender and the seasoning seeps into the meat and shrinks the water.
  6.  Once the seasoning water has shrunk and the meat is tender, turn it off and remove and drain.
  7.  Prepare an oven, grill or multipurpose skillet. Grill the spiced chicken meat above while occasionally smeared with the rest of the seasoning.
  8.  Do not forget to occasionally turn around so that it cooks evenly then lift. Repeat until all the grilled chicken meat is grilled.
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That’s the recipe of sweet spicy grilled chicken hopefully useful yes and good luck at home. [Aji Corps/*]