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Pure Health Insurance: From Benefits, Lists, to Tips

Pure Health Insurance: From Benefits, Lists, to Tips
Pure Health Insurance: From Benefits, Lists, to Tips. [foto/ilustrasi]

ExtraNews – Who doesn’t want to choose the best health insurance? Qoala sure if you certainly want to feel protected with health insurance that has the most complete benefit coverage. However, choosing insurance can sometimes be more complicated because the products offered are also diverse. Some types of insurance products do look tempting with the combination of benefits in the form of life insurance to investment. Although complete, for some people, insurance products like this may be less suited to the needs and capabilities compared to pure health insurance.

Definition of Pure Health Insurance

Pure health insurance is a stand-alone health insurance and is not an additional insurance (rider) that becomes part of a unit link life insurance. Premiums and benefits of pure health insurance are entirely focused on health insurance, without needing to be shared with life insurance premiums or other investments.

Pure Health Insurance vs Unit Link Insurance

The protection benefits you get with pure health insurance are clearly greater than the unit link. In unit link insurance products that in fact are investment-wrapped products, the money you pay will be much deducted for this cost and that is aimed at managing investment funds. As a result, the premium money used for the ceiling in insurance benefits becomes much smaller.

As opposed to cheaper and more flexible pure health insurance, health insurance and investment pave the way for you to save and earn profit at the same time through a long-term insurance program. In addition to having protection, you can simultaneously invest by making saving money for the old days and the future. Unit link insurance program also has a high premium payment due to the value of your savings.

Advantages of Pure Health Insurance

By separating your health insurance from unit link insurance or a type of insurance that combines permanent insurance (whole life) with investment products, you can feel the various benefits of pure health insurance as follows:

Greater health benefits

In unit link insurance, premiums will be divided for life insurance to investment. This causes the share of benefits for health insurance to be smaller. If you feel more in need of health insurance alone, it’s a good idea to choose pure health insurance. However, also make sure your choice is appropriate to your needs, yes.

Premiums are not as expensive as unit link insurance

If on unit link insurance you have to pay more to get a higher ceiling, otherwise with pure health insurance that provides benefits according to the plan you chose from the beginning. In addition, your health premiums can also be avoided from a number of discounted unit link costs that are not small.

In accordance with the needs / priorities and financial capabilities

If you feel that you need comprehensive health coverage as a priority rather than an investment, pure health insurance is certainly suitable for you. You don’t have to rush to invest at once. Just adjust it to your financial capabilities because over time, you can also take additional benefits to other investment products as a complement.

List of Best Pure Health Insurance

Want to find out the best pure health insurance options 2020 that can provide maximum protection for you and your family? First check the following list:

Prudential Health Insurance: PRUSolution Healthy and PRU Syariah Healthy Solution

Prudential Insurance offers two pure health insurance products that you can choose, namely PRU Insurance Healthy Solution and PRU Syariah Healthy Solution. Both products are pure health protection solutions without investment components at affordable prices, have high flexibility on health protection options, and reach to the rest of the world according to the plan chosen. Not to mention, there is also an additional no claim bonus facility for PRUSolusi Sehat and a growing benefit facility for PRUSolusi Sehat Syariah, up to a one-month premium for customers who make annual payments.

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Allianz Health Insurance: Allianz Smartmed Premier

With a wide range around the world, Allianz also offers pure Allianz Smartmed Premier health insurance that is intended for individuals and families in 10 plans with benefits that can be tailored to customer needs. Coverage benefits include inpatient facilities, special benefits, such as hemodialysis costs, chemotherapy, AIDS, and burial costs. You can also add other benefits of options, such as the benefits of childbirth, dental care, to outpatient. Claims can be made with cashless health insurance facilities, while treatments performed outside the Allianz network can still get compensation using the reimbursement system online through the Allianz Eazy Claim application.

Manulife Health Insurance: MiUltimate HealthCare (MiUHC)

MiUltimate HealthCare is a pure health insurance from Manulife. The benefits focus only on health protection, without the benefits of life protection or investment. In addition to the basic benefits in the form of hospital care, MiUltimate HealthCare also provides coverage of outpatient benefits, dental care, to the benefits of childbirth. There is also an additional annual limit for critical illnesses such as cancer, heart attack, kidney failure or organ transplants until the room cost benefit is three times the plan chosen if the insured is treated abroad (worldwide except the United States).

Cigna Health Insurance: Cigna Health Protection

Cigna Health Protection from Cigna Insurance provides health coverage with affordable premiums ranging from Rp36,000 per month for the insured aged 18 to 29 years or up to Rp412,000 per month for the insured aged 60 to 65 years. In addition to adult insured, Cigna Health Protection also provides protection for infants starting from the age of 6 months. The scope of benefits consists of hospital care compensation for illness or accident, surgical compensation due to illness or accident, and a second medical opinion consultation service. With Cigna Health Protection, you can enjoy a bonus of 25% of the total premium payment if there is no claim within 2 years.

Sinarmas Health Insurance: Simas Sehat

Simas Sehat Insurance provides cashless health care coverage for hospital stays. The premium can be reduced using a credit card with the age of insurance coverage that is valid up to 75 years. One of the options of Simas Sehat Insurance plan is Simas Sehat Income with daily compensation benefits reaching Rp500,000 per day, surgical compensation of Rp10,000,000 per surgery, and other benefits in the form of bonuses up to Rp500,000 if there are no claims for 12 months.

AXA Health Insurance: ProMedicare AB

AXA also offers pure health insurance products, one of which is ProMedicare AB. This product provides health protection for you and your family with access to services covering the whole world. In addition, there are also additional features in the form of travel protection and personal accidents. Benefits include flexible medical care packages, direct billing facilities, protection against chronic diseases, physiotherapy, newborn accommodation, and couples. The coverage period is lifetime with a prorated premium refund and there is a 15% discount for couples.

Tips for Choosing Pure Health Insurance.

Avoid mis-buying, make sure you have pocketed various tips on choosing pure health insurance as follows:

Not all additional insurance is important

Don’t be so sure when you get an additional insurance offer (rider). The reason is, the more additional insurance you have, the higher the premium you have to pay. Instead of being overwhelmed in the future, always choose additional protections that are about as vulnerable as you can be.

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Learn first before choosing a hospital cash plan product

Health insurance is usually offered with two kinds of limits, namely a combined limit for all treatments and a limit per treatment with a hospital cash plan (HCP) or daily cash compensation. To be more profitable, choose a combined limit for all types of treatments so that you will avoid the cost limit for each action performed by the hospital.

Buy insurance when young and healthy

Time is ticking, don’t underestimate your health! Protect yourself early because pure health insurance is much cheaper when you buy it in a young and healthy condition. Therefore, avoid delaying ownership of health insurance because the risk of disease or accident can come at any time.

Adjust benefits and premiums to your needs

In addition to additional insurance that you do not necessarily need, also make sure you have determined the benefits and premiums that best suit your needs to your financial ability before buying pure health insurance products.

If you’re already a family, consider switching to family health insurance

Family health insurance is an insurance product designed by an insurance company to protect the entire family from health risks that may arise in only one policy. Therefore, family health insurance is the right and practical choice than personal health insurance if you have a family and even have children.

Pay attention to the terms of the claim exclusion

Don’t rush to buy pure health insurance products! Previously, first check the health insurance policy that may have some exceptions are permanent or temporary so that you do not get confused if at any time there are health costs that are not covered.

The Best Health Insurance Criteria You Need to Know Before Choosing Pure Health Insurance

To get the best pure health insurance that does not include investment, you must know some superior insurance criteria, such as:


One of the best indicators of health insurance is the offer of sizable limits and limits that are not broken down per treatment. Therefore, choose insurance with a ceiling or benefits that best suit your needs in order to get optimal benefits to protect yourself or your family.


The premium price is usually determined from the ceiling that you will get. If the ceiling is getting bigger, then the bigger the nominal premium to be paid. Therefore, you need to be smart in choosing insurance and the cost of monthly premiums. Make sure all aspects have a value comparable to the benefits you get. Avoid premiums and low ceilings that will make you have to spend additional costs if you need other services / benefits in the future.

Hospital network

It is important that you ensure that the clinic or hospital you are aiming for works with the pure health insurance provider you will choose. To be more effective, choose health insurance with many partners throughout Indonesia. This will make you better protected from the risks that may occur anytime and anywhere.

Exclusion of Claims in Health Insurance

The exclusion of claims in health insurance policies is usually divided into two classifications, namely permanent and temporary exemptions:

Permanent exceptions

Permanent exemptions include hospital care and surgery resulting from:

  • HIV/AIDS-related diseases
  • war and military duty
  • suicide attempt
  • dangerous activities or sports
  • involvement of the insured in non-commercial flights
  • criminal acts committed by the insured
  • Drunk
  • use of illegal drugs
  • mental care
  • organ donor costs

Temporary exceptions

Temporary exceptions include waiting periods, both pre-existing conditions and critical illnesses.

Sharia Insurance as Pure Health Insurance Option

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If you are worried that your premiums and health insurance benefits will be deducted for other costs, sharia insurance can be an option other than pure health insurance ownership. Sharia health insurance products apply Islamic principles in their contracts based on applying the principle of help-help. Thus, some of the premiums you pay will be collected to help other customers who are in need of medical care costs. Not only get protection, you can also do good and help others.

General Questions About Health Insurance

Before choosing a pure health insurance that suits your needs, make sure you are not confused with any basic information about health insurance. These frequently asked questions have been summarized in the following list:

What is health insurance?

Health insurance is a type of insurance product intended to provide health insurance to the insured if the insured has illness or accident in the form of medical, surgical, or other expenses related to health care as mentioned in the insurance policy.

There are different types of health insurance offered by insurance companies, but generally, these products cover hospitalization costs to pre- and post-hospitalized street care. There are also health insurance products that provide insurance for the cost of the normal childbirth process or cesarean section to the insured.

What are the benefits of having health insurance?

The most basic health insurance benefit is hospital care or also often referred to as inpatient benefits. In addition to the main benefits, there are also other additional benefits such as outpatient costs, dental care, to maternity benefits with maternity insurance.

What is the age limit for having health insurance?

In fact, the age limit of admission to health insurance varies depending on the type of product and policy provided by each insurance company. However, as a reference, the lowest and highest average entry age limit for the primary insured is 21 years to 65 years (the nearest birthday). In family health insurance products, it is further divided into the age limit of the insured spouse or other family members, namely 18 years to 60 years (nearest birthday), as well as the age limit of the insured child from 15 days to 18 years or 23 years for students (nearest birthday).

How do I pay health insurance premiums?

How to pay health insurance premiums can be done on a monthly, quarterly, semesterly, to yearly basis. For annual payments, insurers often offer special offers in the form of discounts that will make you more frugal.

What are the basic benefits of health insurance?

As mentioned earlier in the health insurance benefits, one of the basic benefits of health insurance is the availability of inpatient benefits for the insured and/or dependents who are sick or have to get action due to an accident.

Well, the decision to buy this pure health insurance will eventually come back to your needs and abilities. However, if you want to get maximum benefits for each existing insurance product, purchasing insurance products and investing separately will have an optimal impact. Investment products that you can choose can also be more specific, ranging from mutual funds, stocks, money markets, bonds, and many more. [Aji Corps/*]