For Online Shoppers, Must Know The History of E-Commerce in Indonesia

JAKARTA, ExtraNews – The trend of online shopping is currently increasing rapidly. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic people who are afraid to leave the house choose to shop online. Because just click, pay and the goods have been delivered to the house.

Do you know detikers this shopping system is included in e-commerce?

IDEA Board of Trustees member Daniel Tumiwa said e-commerce is a transaction process that is facilitated electronically until completion.

“This model is already happening in the world of travel, such as airlines. The shopping is assisted by the call center and payment via electronic transfer,” he said when contacted by detikcom, Sunday (7/3/2021).

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Daniel revealed that after the internet started to enter and easy to use in Indonesia, there appeared buying and selling sites such as Kaskus which is crowded with Buying and Selling Forum aka FJB to Tokobagus.

He also explained that there used to be Lippo Shop, an online store owned by Lippo Group. This online store offers goods using a catalog and when prospective customers want to buy can call a call center, pay and then send.

According to Daniel, lippo’s online store concept did not last long. “Lippo Shop is not long only about two years. Because they are too fast at other times have not been supportive, but in the 2000s it was very good because it became a very modern pioneer,” he added.

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It next appeared Multiply.com in 2002. Multiply is the first to connect to the bank. He has a holding account behind the site and takes 1-2 days depending on the day.

At that time Multiply.com selling fashion products both from abroad and domestically. But at that time the condition of logistics systems such as warehousing to delivery was not as effective as it is now.

After Multiply appeared Tokobagus.com that also enliven online stores in Indonesia. But the disadvantages tokobagus do not have the feature to buy now. So it’s just like digital media advertising.

“Actually what is considered e-commerce is that can order and payment until completion,” he explained.

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Now online buying and selling sites are mushrooming in Indonesia. People have a myriad of e commerce options in search of goods to buy. (*)


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